An Iranian well-known Refinery Looking for an Investor

The intended refinery has 38-year records operation license in Tehran province since 1976.

  • Land: Totally 90,000 meter (30,000 meter for operation and 60,000 meter for development plan)
  • Shed: 5,500 meter
  • Truck scale: 60 Ton
  • Administrative, restaurant, laboratory, staffs room: 1,300 meter
  • Electricity 500 Ampere – Deep well (130 meter) in addition to license
  • Reservoir: Totally 11,000,000 Liter
  • Establishment year in current place: 2002
  • Premier exporter in 2003
  • Producing and exporting record to 34 countries including Canada, Japan and Australia
  • Holder of five foreign brands registered in Iran
  • To produce Hydrocarbon with annual capacity of 100,000 Ton and exporting to Afghanistan, Armenia and other countries.
  • To produce different kinds of grease
  • To produce different kinds of motor oil, gear oil, different kinds of hydraulic oil and brake oil
  • To produce pitch 50 for tar paper workers
  • To produce different kinds of petrol supplement, insecticide and petroleum products upon orders
  • Forward contract with Hyundai in order to produce car oil for Iran and whole of Middle East
  • Distance from south petroleum pipeline to Tehran refinery is 534 meter

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